Why I Love The Nike Slogan

The wonderful company Nike's ad campaign slogan is "Just Do It". I absolutely love the simplicity and yet profound nature of this statement. Many of us ponder, analyze, procrastinate and make excuses, but few of us take action toward our dreams. I have learned that my life works much better when I get out of my head and just act with abandon. Do this on a massive scale and the results will come, no matter what your goals are. And you will learn a lot in the process, revealing what works and what does not work for you.

Be a person of action and you will be a rare sparkling gem in a sea of mediocrity. Release all your doubts and fears. They are not worth holding onto. Focus on your goal as if it is yours now. You are living it, feeling it, tasting it, experiencing it in its' totality. Feel it deeply and picture it vividly and you will manifest it. You will draw it into your life like a magnet. While working on your mindset is crucial to your success, you must also act. But I have found my actions more effective and efficient when they have sprouted out of a mindset that is focused on what I want, rather than what I do not want.

Just do it. Wow is all I can say. It is the kind of expression that inspires me to my core. It reminds me not to overanalyze everything before I act. It jolts me out of my perfectionistic tendencies. I have found that I would prefer everything to be in its place and organized in my office before I start working. But I did come to the realization that this is not practical and it was holding me back from the life I truly desired. Living life in the now is all there is. Taking action now is a new habit I needed to form. And I have done so. And you can too!

Nike, thank you so much for your wonderful advertising campaign and joyful slogan. Just do it. It says it all. No further explanation required. That is why I love it so much. Things in life are not always that simple or we tend to complicate things for ourselves. Cut to the chase. Be real. Connect with others. Build the life of your dreams. Go for it. Seize the day. Do not wrap your head around it. Just do it!