Imposters: The Real Reason You Should Only Buy Authentic Designer Handbags

Everyone knows that owning a designer handbag will bring you an exceptional amount of attention, something that every woman loves. But why? The answer is simple - it is because designer handbags are expensive, very expensive. They are a subtle way to show others that you are part of an elite class that can afford to parade around these luxury items. Merely being seen with the new Fendi clutch or Gucci hobo will instantly increase your popularity among peers. It is this paradigm, this easy promise to social prestige, that often tempts lowly women to purchase replica designer handbags. While this may seem like a grand idea at the time, it is actually a grave mistake and something that should be avoided at all costs. Purchasing a fake designer handbag is both dangerous and oftentimes social suicide - and here are the reasons why.

Consider this, when women carry designer handbags, who are they most often trying to impress? Is it the people a social class under, above, or equal to their own? If they are trying to impress those of lower classes or establish their dominance over them, then they are simply wasting their time. Usually these people will not know or care what type of purse is being carried by others. Therefore, there is no point in trying to wow them with the latest designer accessories. Are they trying to stun someone of their own social class? If so, then once again their efforts are all for not. There is no need to impress a group that you are already considered to be a part. So, this leads to the point that people are trying to impress and gain the approval of those that are in social classes above their own. Buying a cheap version of the real deal seems like a quick and easy way to gain the attention of those with greater incomes, but the problem is that since these types of people are actually able to afford the authentic designer brands, they will easily be able to spot the fakes a mile away. So instead of gaining an ounce of approval through material things, a woman would actually be committing social suicide. They will become the mockery of the circles in which they are striving to fit.

In addition to close social embarrassment, there is also the risk of public humiliation that is involved with the carrying of a replica. If the fake purse were to be brought into a designer house or a store that carries designer items, the sales associates may only snub you, but they may also be forced to report you to the local authorities. Designers are aggressively trying to shut down the replica handbag arena and by carrying one into the designers' realm will instantly set you up for doom. Since counterfeit items are illegal in the United States, this means that not only will you be breaking social laws, you will be breaking federal ones as well. Could owning a fake designer handbag be worth risking your record? I think not.

If risking embarrassment and humiliation is not enough to shy one away from purchasing a fake, then at least consider what is being bought. When someone purchases an authentic designer handbag, they are purchasing quality and are making an investment in their fashion future. Real designer handbags will last for years and can be sent to the designer whenever they need to be cleaned or repaired. However, this is not an option with a replica. So, is purchasing a counterfeit handbag worth risking your social name, your public record, and wasting your money? Absolutely not. The good news is that there are ways to buy authentic designer handbags at a discount. Online stores such as Queen Bee of Beverly Hills make designer bags and accessories more affordable. This means that you gain the prestige and attention that comes with ownership without having all of the risks involved. So, get started browsing online today!