Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Shoes - More Than a Choice of Color

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star black shoes are more than a choice of color. These classic and contemporary designs are a lifestyle selection, a way to be the same and different at the same time.

The Converse All Star Core Ox Trainers show the beginnings of that paradox. These classic Chuck Taylor style shoes are Converse and all Converse. The black fabric and white with black stripe wraps show that clearly. It just doesn't get any purer than this. Yet, they're made with today's materials, today's consumer in mind.

Looking for a cool variation on that classic look? Check out the Converse All Star Monochrome Ox Trainers. Black on black never looked so good. The soles have been dyed to match, giving you the ultimate in stealth appeal. Monochrome means "one color", but it also sometimes means "dull". Not this time. Not by a long shot.

Let kids get into the act with the Converse All Star Core Ox Trainers for kids. More than a size difference, these classic Converse shoes bring the younger set into the lifestyle. That lifestyle says "do it your way". The kids version comes in an almost-monochrome variation. Only the soles are not black.

Or, let them slip into some Converse All Star Slip Strap Hi High Top Trainers. Yes, the classic high top style is there. But Converse has added a black strap with an orange highlight that doesn't just look cool, it works cool. They're called trainers but your kids will mostly be training themselves to look great.

Looking for a truly classic high top? The Converse All Star High Top Trainers are the ticket. Every element of the classic Chuck Taylor design has been preserved. The basketball legend from 1917 would easily recognize the white rubber wrap arounds. The black high tops with blue star logo is pure Chuck. The classic tread pattern on the rubber sole is there, too.

For a contemporary variation, go for the Converse All Star AC/DC High Top Trainers. Black fabric meets dark rubber for a near monochrome look that makes life colorful. The AC/DC logo on the back lets you celebrate your favorite heavy metal group while you play air guitar. Play hoops or play hooky to go to a concert.

Select the Converse All Star Monochrome Hi High Top Trainers and you'll be training to take the prize for style in these urban myth makers. Become a legend in your own time and in your own way. That's the Converse universe.

Get an even more up-to-the minute take on the classic Chuck Taylor design. Go for the Converse All Star Buffalo Plaid Hi High Tops. Plaid leather uppers give them style and durability as tough as their namesake. Ok, so no buffalo ever looked like this. So what? The style is one serious hunk of cow.