Chung Shi Weight Loss Shoes Review

One development over the last few years is the introduction of weight loss shoes. These shoes are scientifically designed and shaped so that you use all the muscles in your lower legs, calves, thighs, and torso as you walk. Doing so will require that you burn extra calories in the process and ultimately lose some weight. One shoe that has been at the fore from of this weight loss revolution is the Chung Shi weight loss shoe. Here we want to examine theme a little closer and see how they can help you.

Just the name itself, Chung Shi, implies some type of ancient secrets from the Far East that are somehow transferred to these shoes. Although the shoes are manufactured by a German technology company, there is no doubt that they incorporate a wisdom not normally seen in shoe design. The idea behind the Chung Shi is to help you increase the amount of activity you incur just by walking to increase your fitness level and overall health. The shoe also claims to help you provide a means to relax and bring a peace to your overall person. Let us see how they claim to do this with the two basic types of shoes they offer.

The shoe is designed to have a massaging effecting on the wearer by their unique heel and toe angles and dimensions. There is a center roll bar as well which aligns the body in such a manner to reduce stress and any sort of shock to the spinal column. Both of these aspects of the shoe give one a feel of balance of poise which can provide the wearer with a sense of peace and rest. In addition, the unique design of the shoe will make you work harder as you walk by using muscles not normally required. You will see new tone in your muscles in the back, abs, thighs, calves, and feet that you could not normally get unless you are visiting the gym regularly. The Chung Shi shoe implies an overall harmony between the body and soul by regularly wearing the shoes.

The Chung Shi Dux shoe is designed for long lasting durability and comfort. This shoe would be your choice for every day wear. The company has developed this shoe with a unique material called Duflex which is designed as a multi surface shoe, making it suitable for day in and day out use. Some of the special features of this shoe are a perforated toe area for ventilation, an arch support foot base, anti slip sole, and an anti bacterial rubber. The Dux is also specially designed with ergonomic features such as a hell strap, a heel absorbing foot bed, and fabric to prevent toe claw.

The Chung Shi comfort step and balance step are more specifically designed for burning calories and toning muscles. This is the shoe you want to wear for your power walks or at the gym on the tread mill. The design used here is a patented system that enables you to burn calories and tone muscles in the most efficient means possible. The comfort and balance step shoes have a sole curvature in the range of fifteen to twenty degrees from heel to toe giving it the proper angle of attack to work unused muscles. This special design can provide improved posture, back alignment, body stability, and move interaction. The combination of improved balance and posture along with muscle toning strives to achieve a sense of well being for the wearer.

Overall you will not find a better weight loss shoe. The fact is these shoes are very expensive being priced at well over two hundred dollars per pair. But the level of quality and effectiveness of the shoe is worth it in our opinion. These shoes will give you years of use and will slowly improve your conditioning if worn regularly.