A Few Good Ideas on Fall Wedding Favors

If you are having a fall wedding, then you probably thought about the advantages of fall weather and the variety of fall wedding themes you can use. Of course, the cooler weather makes it more comfortable for your wedding and offers you a vibrant color palette, as well as one with earth tones. Because of the fall leaf colors, many opt for fall wedding favors that feature colorful fall leaves for party favors at their wedding reception. Others like candles because the days get shorter and candles are romantic and put out a warm glow.

Themes for your wedding might be "Fall in Love" or "Fall for Love". They are catchy themes that can get your guests into your special day. At your reception hall, you have to be sure to incorporate fall flowers, and grapevine wreaths, raffia wrapped candle holders and other reminders of fall can add a special touch to your special day.

Wedding favors are something that every bride struggles with, because she wants to show appreciation to her guests, but the budget might not have a lot of money left over. You don't have to worry. Many fall wedding favors can cost less than $3, and you can find a wide assortment under $2 a piece. If you buy them in bulk, you can find them for a little over a dollar a piece, depending on what kind you decide on.

Of course, as the days get shorter, natural light does too, and "festive leaf design candle holder favors" or "leaf design candle favors or autumn wedding candle favors" are romantic and memorable. They will make great fall decorations for years to come and your wedding guests will display them with their fall decorations. It is the one time of year you know they will definitely think of you!

For those that like to capitalize on the "Fall in Love" theme, you can give some great party favors that are affordable for everybody at your wedding reception to have as a gift. For under $3, you can get some great fall wedding favors that are practical and useful, such as "fall in love frosted leaf design glass coaster sets" or "fall in love leaf soap petals in a clear box with ribbon and tag" are great party favors and you can get them for under $2 a piece.

"Fall for Love" themes are popular, too. What about "Fall for Love personalized wildflower seed favors"? You can get these for under $2.00 and the wildflowers will grow for years to come. Because you can personalize the wildflower seed packets, you can use them for place markers at your reception. Of course, you will need to have a seating chart or somebody to pass them out. Imagine your guests surprise when they get such a special gift that will keep on giving for years.

Fall wedding favors don't have to be expensive. There are all kinds of things you can get for a small amount that will give many times that for years to come to the guests that are part of your special day.